A Very Dog Friendly Holiday Spot

We’ve just had a few days away at fabulous pet friendly holiday cabins in Dean’s Marsh, near the lovely Victorian beach side town of Lorne.

I think we’ve all seen places that say they’re pet friendly, but really what they mean is you can bring your dogs if you really have to.

Country Wide Cottages is very different. It’s completely setup for you to have a wonderful holiday with your dogs, or horses, and it’s beautiful and comfortable for the humans too.

Dogs are allowed inside, in fact they provide a bed, food and water bowls, home-made doggie and human treats as well as a sheet to put over the furniture if you loving snuggling with your dog on the couch.

Television and phone/internet access is limited, but I think that’s a bonus.  It gives you chance to enjoy the fresh air and hear the sounds of the bush.

There are 4 extremely comfortable cabins with everything you could want.  The large outdoor area around each cabin is fully fenced, as is the veranda, so you can relax knowing your precious fur baby can’t get up to too much mischief while outside, but has got plenty of space to run around and lots of lovely smells to explore.

Ned’s retreat is a fun little outpost which is fenced and very large.  The big dam with yabbies is also securely fenced for all sizes of dogs, and they are welcome to have a splash about.

If you’ve got kids of the human kind, there are sheep, rabbits, chooks and Alpacas for them to feed and pet (and they are safe from the dogs).

There are some lovely walking tracks around the bush property, and off lead dog beaches (season dependent) are not far away in Lorne.

This really is truly a pet welcoming holiday destination.  We have been going there for about 9 years and just can’t find anything else that comes close.  (No, I’m not on the payroll, just love it!).  The hosts Di and Stuart are always most welcoming with lovely smiles and home made treats.

Here are some pics and vids of our dogs, Rupie and Billie having a ball.

But of course if you are going on holiday to a place you can’t take your dog, don’t forget that Lonely Pets Club will come to your home and walk them, feed them, and give them lots of love and cuddles!