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Terms & Conditions for Lonely Pets Club (LPC)

Please note that the Terms and Conditions below are current and supersede the corresponding Terms and Conditions appearing on our Registration Forms.

Booking Conditions and Payment Terms

  • All bookings, cancellations, date changes and refund queries are to be made through head office on 1300 283 353 (1300 CUDDLE) during business hours.
  • No bookings, booking changes or monies will be accepted by Lonely Pets Club Carers.
  • Full payment for all bookings is required at the time of making the booking. Only once full payment has been received by Lonely Pets Club and a confirmation email has been received by the client, is the booking confirmed.
  • Unless otherwise requested by the Member, credit card details will be kept securely on file.
  • For our regular dog walking service, the first 7 visits are payable in advance. After this, we will invoice you monthly in arrears. The credit card supplied at the time of your booking will be debited no earlier than 7 days after invoice date, for your previous month's dog walking.
  • Before your first booking starts, a Lonely Pets Club carer will visit your home to introduce him/herself, meet your pets, obtain all relevant job details and collect any keys required. This "Initial Visit" is included in your Membership Fee. If any subsequent visits are required (to collect/drop off keys or to meet a new LPC Carer), then an Extra Visit must be purchased.
  • As part of the booking process, Lonely Pets Club will email you a confirmation of your booking details. It is your responsibility to check that the booking details are correct and to let us know if they are not. If you are unable to provide Lonely Pets Club with an email address, or if you do not let us know if the details are incorrect, Lonely Pets Club will not be responsible for any errors which may occur.
  • Lonely Pets Club recommends at least one pet care visit each day while you are away. If you have not booked at least one visit per day (eg you have selected alternate day visits), you acknowledge that there is an increased likelihood of:
    • Your pets' water supplies running out or becoming dirty.
    • Food supplies running out in between visits.
    • Kitty litter trays becoming more soiled than usual.
    • Your pets showing signs of stress.
    • External factors affecting your property/premises/pets which are out of Lonely Pets Club's control.
  • Our minimum callout is 30 minutes (excluding Drop Ins, which are 'up to 30 minutes'). This time begins when we arrive at your property/house. For Walkies visits, it is a 30 minute service, not a 30 minute walk. Any time spent gaining access to your property/house or putting a lead/harness on your dog/s, is included in this 30 minute timeframe.
  • Surcharges will apply if Lonely Pets Club is required to purchase pet supplies on your behalf. In such instances, a Shopping Surcharge will be added to your booking (refer Pricelist). This covers up to 30 minutes of your Carer's time and petrol in shopping on your behalf. In addition, you will be charged 33% on top of the value of the pet supplies purchase price. This additional 33% is in place to ensure Carers aren't negatively affected tax wise, nor income wise as a result of paying for your pet supplies. To avoid having to pay this additional 33%, please leave cash out for your Carer, should you think your pet supplies may run out during your booking.
  • Lonely Pets Club reserves the right to turn down any booking (with full refund) when we feel our service is unsuitable. Possible reasons are to protect the safety of our carers if an animal appears to be aggressive, or if we are concerned for the animal's welfare due to its living conditions.

    For guidelines on suitable living conditions for your pet, please visit the RSPCA's website www.rspca.org.au and see their Animals Charter.


  • All Membership payments are non refundable.
  • Membership payment does not guarantee that Lonely Pets Club will always be able to accept your booking requests. Lonely Pets Club reserves the right to turn down any booking.

Payment Options

  • Master Card, Visa: Phone 1300 CUDDLE / 1300 283 353.
  • Cheque or money order mailed to Lonely Pets Club, 28 Victoria Street, Berry NSW 2535.
  • Direct Credit- Commonweath Bank: BSB# 063 111 ACC# 1049 1654. Please include your booking number in the transaction and keep a copy of your receipt.

Booking Cancellations

  • Outside peak periods, all bookings have a cancellation fee of $25 or 10%, whichever is the greater. (See below for Peak Periods.)
  • Regular dog walking bookings incur a booking cancellation fee of $25, if cancelled before 7 walks have occurred. There is no cancellation fee for regular dog walking after the first 7 walks have occurred.
  • Upon your notification to cease your dog walking, we will debit your supplied credit card to finalise any unpaid dog walks.

Booking Date Changes

  • Can be made as needed, subject to Carer availability.

Pet Walking Policy

  • The Alternative Restraint/Off Lead Agreement option appearing on our Registration Forms now reads: "I understand that LPC prefers all pet walking to be on lead using a Lonely Pets Club approved and supplied restraint." Lonely Pets Club does not promote the use of correction chains.

Peak Period Bookings

Christmas - 20th December to 31st January

  • There is a minimum booking charge of $100 (excluding Membership Fee if applicable) for all bookings with two or more dates falling within the Christmas period.
  • Full payment is required at the time of booking.
  • Cancellations and date changes - All monies will be forfeited on any cancellations or date changes made during the peak period to visits falling within the Christmas peak period. A $50 cancellation fee, or 10% of total booking price for bookings over $500, applies to all Christmas peak season bookings cancelled on or before 14 December.
  • Peak period surcharge applies to every visit falling within the Christmas peak periods, except for regular clients holding an ongoing booking.
  • No discounted rates apply, except for regular clients holding an ongoing booking.
  • All peak period bookings must be for at least one visit per day - for example, no alternate day bookings will be accepted. Regular clients holding an ongoing booking are an exception to this rule.
  • Christmas Day itself is a short feeding and watering service only with no dog walking.

Easter - dates differ each year, please refer to LPC office

  • Full payment is required at time of booking.
  • Cancellations and date changes - A $50 cancellation fee (or full booking value if booking value is less than $50) applies to any cancelled Easter booking.
  • All money will be forfeited on any date changes made to visits falling within the Easter peak period.
  • No discounted rates apply, except for regular clients holding an ongoing booking.
  • Peak period surcharge applies to every visit falling within the Easter peak period, except for regular clients holding an ongoing booking.
  • On Public Holidays, only public holiday surcharges apply and peak period surcharges are not applied.

Other Peak Periods (surrounding public holidays - see 'Our Services' page for details)

  • Standard cancellation fee and terms apply.

Travel Surcharges

  • May apply to bookings accepted outside a carer’s area, when agreed to by the client.

Unforeseen Circumstances

While every effort is made to ensure that the same LPC Carer is responsible for your entire booking, occasions may arise whereby another LPC Carer is called upon to care for your pets. This may be due to, but not limited to, sickness, injury, transportation or logistical reasons. A change in Carer is made at Lonely Pets Club's discretion and may occur without notice.

Pet Tag System

Lonely Pets Club provides a free, unique pet tag ID system, with each and every client booking confirmation email. This can enable LPC to quickly and easily identify any pet found to be at large and assists us in being able to return your pet/s safely to you. This will not only give you greater peace of mind, but could also save you money from having to retrieve your pet/s from the pound. Please understand that if our office is unattended (eg weekends, public holidays and after normal working hours), there will be a delay in us being able to identify any lost pets.

'Free Visit' Vouchers or Promotions

Any 'Free Visit' voucher or promotion is for a 30 minute, non public holiday, non peak period visit. When different priced visits are booked for a single booking, the free visit will be for the lowest price visit.