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Q: Who uses Lonely Pets Club?

A: Absolutely anyone who loves their animals and cannot be there for them. Our members range from busy professional people, through to members who are elderly and frail. Our members use us if they are holidaying, if they are working or even if they are just going away for the weekend.

Q: What about emergencies?

A: We obtain your vet's details on our initial visit or, if you don't have a preferred vet, can recommend one. We also request details of a local friend or relative to contact. We will certainly act in your pets best interests in the unexpected case of an emergency.

Q: What if my dog runs away while I am on holiday?

A: All dogs in our care may wear a Lonely Pets Club dog tag bearing our phone number and a unique ID whilst their owners are away. We will contact you and/or your emergency contact to arrange your dog's return to your home.

Q: How do I know my pet is in good hands?

A: All Lonely Pets Club Staff have a proven history of caring for animals. We have done reference checks and Police checks on all of our staff. Please call our office, we are happy to provide references for your local carer. We pride ourselves on employing only professional, caring and responsible staff. We only employ people who WE would be comfortable with caring for OUR own beloved pets.

Q: Do you have any testimonials or references?

A: We have a huge number of testimonials from happy members. Click here to view some of it. We constantly strive to provide the very best service available and have received an award from independent website Word of Mouth on the Web for five years in a row for being in the top 5% of businesses for customer service, as reviewed by our members.

Q: We are planning to go away just for the weekend, can Lonely Pets Club help?

A: Absolutely, there isn't a minimum or maximum time requirement. We would love the chance to look after your pets whilst you get away for the weekend.

Q: When do I pay for my pet care booking?

A: We will debit your supplied credit card at the time you are making your booking, before your booking starts. It is this payment that guarantees the fact that you will have a Lonely Pets Club Carer available to care for your pets.