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Lonely Pets Club Services

We firmly believe most pets remain happier, healthier and safer staying in their own familiar home environment. Your pets will sleep in their same bed, eat the same food and walk the same track.

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Membership Fee

A once only membership fee (from $15 to $25) is payable to join our pet feeding and dog walking club. This is payable upon your first booking and is non refundable. We will then come out to meet you and your pet/s and get all the information we need to care for your pets. Thereafter, we are always there for you (subject to Carer availability). There is no minimum booking, you simply book our staff for a 30 minute minimum pet care visit whenever you need it. Easy and Flexible!

You get to meet us first, so the decision to employ us is 100% your decision.

After that, you just pay per 30 minute visit whenever you need us.

Our Services

  • Drop In - Pet feeding for all your non-canine pets. For cats, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens etc. Includes pet feeding, watering, playing, plant watering, tending rubbish bins, security checking your home, bringing in mail, kitty litter changing and feeding fish.
  • Dog Holiday Service - This is the same as a Drop In but includes a dog walk and a poo pick up.
  • Dog Walking – No group dog walking. Individual dog walking only. Just us and your dog/s.
  • Puppy Package – Keeping your new puppy with companionship, love and toileting when you are at work.
  • Just Watering - Plant Watering when no pets are involved. Also includes mail collection and security checking your home.
  • Extra Visit - To pick up or drop off keys, meet new pets, meet a new Carer or when mail collection and security checking only is needed.
  • Pet Taxi (where available) - Short local trips only. Taking your pet/s to and from vet clinics, groomers etc.
  • Our standard visit length is 30 minutes; you can book extra time if you'd like a longer visit.
  • On Christmas Day we offer a short pet feeding / watering service only, with no dog walking.

Things that cost a bit more

  • Weekend visits
  • Peak Period visits - Visits made around Easter, Chistmas (20 December to 31 January) and Public Holidays.
  • Public Holiday visits
  • Extra Pets
  • Extra time blocks of 15 minutes
  • If we are required to go to the shops for you to purchase pet supplies
  • Whenever a visit is required with less than 24 hours notice
  • if we have to travel a bit further than usual to get to your place

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