Two Best Friends

We’d love to share a true story with you.

It started over eight months ago when the State Trustees contacted us and asked if we could look after the pets of an elderly gentleman who had to go into hospital. Of course we said we could, and our carer Alex started visiting them.

The dog, Matey, and cat Tri Tri were not in great condition. However, over the past 8 months of visiting them every day, giving them love, buying their food and organising for them to be groomed, they started to thrive, and of course Alex become very fond of them, and them of her.

We’d hear from the Trustees from time to time that the gentleman would be coming home soon, but it didn’t happen, and the booking continued. Alex continued to look after Matey and Tri Tri and in the process got to know the neighbours.

The gentleman did actually go home for a few days but it was obvious to Alex who was still visiting the pets, that he was not in a good way and shouldn’t be at home alone. He went back into respite but sadly he passed away not long afterwards.

There was no-one in the family to care for the pets, and Alex was very concerned that if a new home couldn’t be found they’d be put to sleep. We assured her we wouldn’t let that happen. We made some phone calls to some rescue groups, but in the meantime, with her dedication and care, Alex found a home for Matey and Tri Tri together with one of the neighbours! And the great thing is that Tri Tri’s mother lives with the neighbour so it was somewhat of a family reunion. Matey and Tri Tri have now moved across the road with a lovely man who will take very good care of them.

We are so pleased that Matey and Tri Tri have found a good home after all they’ve been through, and we offer condolences to the elderly gentleman’s family. But he can rest in peace knowing his beloved pets are going to continue to be well cared for and loved.


This true story has a happy ending for the pets, but it does raise a very important question:

Have you made provisions for your pets if you fall ill or have an accident?

Pet minding businesses like Lonely Pets Club can of course jump in at short notice to help ensure the pets are looked after immediately, but it is not a long term solution for the pets, and it can become expensive.

We strongly urge you to have a plan for your pets should you become unexpectedly incapacitated. Talk to you family, your friends, your neighbours to see if they would be willing to help if needed.

Another alternative is an Animal Bequest Program. Some of the larger rescue groups/shelters offer this service so you can contact your local one to see what they can advise and to determine if it might be a suitable option for your situation.

We all know pets are an important part of our lives and bring us so much love and comfort, so please don’t forget them when you are not in a position to continue to care for them yourself ?

You don’t want them to end up in a pound where they may not find a suitable home and maybe euthanized if it’s not a ‘pro-life’ shelter ?