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Dog Boarding Kennels Alternative

Historically Australia pet owners have used dog kennels when they go away. Have you considered using a pet sitting service instead? Instead of transporting your pets to a kennel, you can simply leave them pets at home and a professional pet sitter will visit each day to care for them.

Benefits of using a Pet Sitter over dog kennels

Most pets are less disrupted and less stressed when left in their own familiar environment - with 98% of owners who use a pet sitting service citing this as an 'important' or 'very important' reason, according to a recent Lonely Pets Club survey.

78% of pet owners believe that home security is improved when you leave your dog at home.

No need to transport your pets before you leave or collect them on your return.

pet sitting

When would you use a Pet Sitter?

  • Weekends away.
  • Whenever you can't spend enough time with your pets.
  • To break up the day of a lonely, bored pet while you're at work.
  • Holidays.
  • Regular dog walking.

We find that most pets are suited to pet sitting for short periods such as long weekends away. For longer periods, it depends on the individual animal. Cats tend to be much less stressed left at home as they are particularly territorial. Single dogs may need two visits a day, depending on the temperament of the animal. We often find owners raving at how healthy and relaxed their dogs are when they return because they have been walked more often than usual!

Not all pet sitters are equal. Read about choosing a pet sitter here.

You get to meet your carer beforehand so you can see how he or she interacts with your dog. At this initial visit, you will complete a comprehensive registration form with all the details required for your booking.

If you are happy with your choice of pet sitting service, next time it will take just a phone call to organise your pet care - one less thing to worry about while you prepare for your trip! Few owners who have experienced the convenience of using our pet sitting service in Melbourne or Sydney when they go away ever return to using dog kennels.

Click here for an instant quote, or feel free to call us on 1300 283 353.