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Dog Walking Service

A Dog Walking service is offered by Lonely Pets Club through a network of pet care professionals. Although dog walking is a pleasurable way to spend time with your dog whilst exercising, sometimes dog owners just don't have time for walking their dogs every day. This is where professional dog walkers come in.

Lonely Pets Club has a network of dog walking and pet care professionals throughout Melbourne and well as in parts of Sydney and Perth. We provide a personalised, one-on-one 'regular' dog walking service, which is a minimum of a 30 minute walk booked at least once a week, as well as care for your dogs when you're away with daily or twice daily feeding, walking and of course lots of cuddles! A Lonely Pets Club regular dog walker can can become your dog's second best friend! We also provide a walking and feeding "Dog Holiday Service" for caring for your dogs when you go away. You can view our services here or click here for a quick quote.

If you've used our Dog Holiday Service in the past, this will probably be the same carer who has looked after your pets while you've been away. Otherwise, your local carer will visit to meet you before the walks start. Most of our regular clients book dog walking 2-3 times a week, although some book every day. Others just book once a week to cover a particular day, for example if they are always home late from work that day.

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Individual Dog Walking Only

We only walk one client's pets at a time so dogs receive individual attention - we don't offer 'group' dog walking. We will only let your dog off the lead if you have approved this in writing and the carer feels comfortable doing this with your particular dog.

All our carers are reference and police checked and have a background of caring for animals, for example many of them have volunteered at organisations such as the RSPCA. They come to work for us primarily because they just love spending time with animals. Give us a call on 1300 283 353 and book regular dog walking for your pet - you will be rewarded with a a healthier, happier best friend!