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Pet Sitting Businesses

Pet sitting businesses are growing rapidly in popularity as more people become aware of this alternative to boarding your pet when you go away. All pet sitting services are not, however, the same.

Book now or click here for a quick quote. Alternatively, read on for the qualities you should look for in a pet sitting service.

Choosing a Pet Sitting Service

  • Most obviously, does the service cover your area? Lonely Pets Club is the only company to provide a pet sitting service over all of Melbourne as well as in areas of Sydney and Perth via network of trusted carers and franchisees.
  • You need to feel happy with the company you have chosen. Can references be provided from previous clients? Is the company fully insured? How do they keep track of all their clients to make sure no-one has forgotten you? Will you receive written confirmation of your booking so you can check the dates and other details have been acurately recorded? You should feel comfortable being able to ask these sorts of questions.
  • How reliable is the company? Back up carers should always be available in case your carer falls ill or is otherwise unexpectedly incapacitated. Many owner-operated small pet sitting businesses do not have a back up plan. With over 11,500 members, Lonely Pets Club has never cancelled a confirmed booking for a holiday service visit due to a carer being unexpectedly unavailable. We have, however, had pet owners call us in a panic at the last minute due to being let down by a competitor's pet sitting service with whom they had a booking.
  • Are the carers all thoroughly reference and police checked? Request to see a copy of the police check for your carer.
  • Do you get to meet the carer beforehand? You need to feel comfortable with your carer and see how they interact with your pets. You should be confident that your carer is trustworthy, reliable and a true animal lover.
  • When choosing a pet sitting service, consider what sort of service is important to you. Feeding and playing with cats and smaller pets, as well as walking for dogs, are part of the standard service for any pet sitting business. But are extras included such as poop scooping your garden, security checking your home, bringing in your mail, putting out your bins and watering your plants? These are all included in our Drop In and Holiday Services.
  • What will happen if your pet gets lost while you are away? If he/she is wearing a pet tag bearing your phone number, or even if they are microchipped, will anyone be available to answer the phone when your pet is found? Lonely Pets Club's system involves your pet wearing an individually numbered pet tag bearing our phone number, so if your pet escapes while you're away someone can act on your behalf when he or she is found.
  • Dog owners should consider whether they want their dog individually walked. Some businesses walk dogs off the lead in large groups while others will only walk one client's dogs at a time.

If you are happy with your choice of pet sitting service, next time it will just take a phone call to organise your pet care - one less thing to worry about while you prepare for your trip away from home!