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Rabbit Sitting / Feeding

Harvey the Wonder Bunny
Why take your rabbits to a boarding venue when you can leave them at home and use a rabbit sitter? Lonely Pets Club will visit your home to care for your rabbits while you are away.

Our animal loving carers will carefully follow your instructions for the care of your bunnies. If you have any other pets, we can look after those as well.

If you have many pets requiring at least an hour's service (for example you are a breeder), call to ask about our special rates.

Click here for an instant quote.

Lonely Pets Club is the most experienced pet sitting company in Australia, having made over 400,000 visits into members' homes since inception in 2003, and the only one to cover all of Melbourne and parts of Sydney.

Benefits of Using Lonely Pets Club to Care for your Rabbits

  • You rabbits experience less disruption than if moving to a location to board.
  • All our carers are all police and reference checked animal lovers with a strong background in caring for animals and must undergo a 2 stage interview process prior to being accepted to work for us.
  • Lonely Pets Club is fully insured and has hundreds of happy customer testimonials (see some of them here).
  • You will receive written confirmation of your booking via email so you can check the dates and other details have been acurately recorded.
  • We have a Reliability and Quality Guarantee. Back up carers are always available in case your carer falls ill or is otherwise unexpectedly incapacitated. Many owner-operated small pet sitting businesses do not have a back up plan. With over 11,700 members, Lonely Pets Club has never cancelled a confirmed booking for a holiday service visit due to a carer being unexpectedly unavailable. We have, however, had pet owners call us in a panic at the last minute due to being let down by another pet sitting service with whom they had a booking.
  • Recommended by many vets and pet industry professionals.
  • Meet the carer beforehand at your Initial Visit and show them around.
  • We will bring in your mail, put out your bins and water your plants for you.

If you are happy with your choice of pet sitting service, next time it will just take a phone call to organise care for your rabbits - one less thing to worry about while you prepare for your trip away from home!