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Cat Minding

Instead of transporting your cat to a cattery, simply leave him or her at home and a cat minder will visit each day to provide food, water and attention. Lonely Pets Club is Australia's most experienced cat sitting company, in fact we carie for more cats than any other type of pet! We look after all types of pets including cats and all our carers are police/reference checked, experienced animal lovers.

Benefits of using a Cat Minding Service

Cats are particularly suited to being minded by a pet sitter as they very territorial animals and are much less stressed when left in their own familiar environment than when boarded elsewhere.

There is no need to transport your pets before you leave or collect them on your return.

cat minding

When would you use a Cat Minding Service?

  • Weekends away.
  • Whenever you can't spend enough time with your pets.
  • To break up the day of a lonely, bored pet while you're at work.
  • Holidays.

If your cat needs to be let out of the house in the morning and in at night, just book two of our Drop In visits per day.

Choosing a Cat Minding Service

When choosing a cat minding service, consider what sort of service is important to you. Do you get to meet the carer beforehand? You need to feel comfortable with your carer and see how they interact with your pets. You should be confident that your carer is trustworthy, reliable and a true animal lover.

Back up carers should always be available in the unexpected case of your carer falling ill or being otherwise incapacitated. Many owner-operated pet sitting businesses do not have a back up plan. With over 11,500 members, Lonely Pets Club has never cancelled a confirmed booking for a holiday service visit due to a carer being unexpectedly unavailable. We have, however, had pet owners call us in a panic at the last minute due to being let down by a competitor's pet sitting service with whom they had a booking.

What sort of service is provided? Feeding and playing with cats and smaller pets, as well as walking for dogs, are part of the standard service for any pet sitting business. But are extras included such as watering your plants, kitty litter cleaning, bringing in your mail and putting out your bins?

If you are happy with your choice of cat minding service, next time it will just take a phone call to organize your pet care - one less thing to worry about while you prepare for your trip!